Age of Champions is the award-winning documentary following five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics. You’ll meet a 100 year-old tennis champion, 86 year-old pole vaulter, and rough-and-tumble basketball grandmothers as they discover the power of the human spirit and triumph over the limitations of age.

Age of Champions premiered to a standing ovation at the prestigious Silverdocs Film Festival and has since shown at more than 1,000 venues around the world. The Washington Post called the film "infectiously inspiring" and its characters have been featured in major media outlets including ABC, CBS, PBS, and NPR.

Total runtime: 75 minutes.


More than 1,000 nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions across the country are using the film to inspire their members, reach out to the community, and generate local media coverage.

We've created the Age of Champions Screening Kit to give organizations an easy-to-use resource for showing the film and leading a discussion about aging, health, and fitness.

Learn more for nonprofits and businesses or universities, libraries, and schools.


We are the Documentary Foundation, a Northern California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to documentary production, education, and outreach.

Christopher Rufo and Keith Ochwat, the film’s director and producer, have been friends since high school and established the Documentary Foundation together in 2006. They’ve produced three films for PBS—Roughing It, Diamond in the Dunes, and Age of Champions—and run a documentary education program for students in California's Central Valley.

The filmmakers with 86-year-old farmer and champion pole vaulter Adolph Hoffman


Contact us now to book the filmmakers to present Age of Champions at your next conference, meeting, or special event. Booking the film is a great way to engage your audience, generate media coverage, and get your community excited about health and wellness.

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The filmmakers speaking at the Silverdocs Film Festival premiere

TJ Kaspar | Ukiah Valley Medical Center

I first saw Age of Champions at the Santa Rosa International Film Festival. I was inspired and moved to see these 60-year-olds and even 100-year-olds as active healthy individuals. As a med-surg nurse, I do not usually see this population at their best. It's good to see healthy aging at its best! I want others to see and be motivated by the film as well.

Everyone walked away from the film with a smile. During the film, I've seen audience members go through a range of emotions from crying to laughing. The film is motivational for all audience ages and is a great tool to spark discussion and action about the active lifestyles still lead by many of our older citizens. Age of Champions also stands on its own as great entertainment.

Janice Guiliano | Aging Services of California

Hosting the Age of Champions screening was a perfect addition to our annual conference. The participants were inspired by the screening. The enjoyed it so much many of the participants purchased the screening kit to take back to their communities to share with residents and staff. I would recommend conference planners consider adding Age of Champions as part of their conference program. It is a reminder for participants that older adults can be active and have lots of fun along the way.

Wendy Thomas | South Jordan Senior Center

As a member of NCOA and NISC I wanted to support a film that inspired and motivated older adults. The people highlighted in the film will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. The stories were touching. We screened the movie at our State Aging Conference and it was very well received. It's a fun way to encourage older adults!

Natalia Diaz | South Bay Hospital

We recently screened the documentary Age of Champions as part of a community event and it was a great success. Everyone that attended left the screening feeling inspired. The message I walked away with was simple: you are never too old to achieve your dreams or do something great with your life.

Vinni Wingell | United Methodist Homes

Our residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed watching these seniors follow their passion.  During the discussion following the screening, one resident expressed amazement that the female basketball team members didn’t suffer hip fractures in all of the falls depicted.  The question offered the opportunity to discuss the physiology of training muscles to work hard which simultaneously builds strong bones. If you train your body to sit, it learns to sit really well.  If you train your body to move dynamically, it will move and support your activities comfortably and safely.

Seniors rarely get to see their peers engaging in sport.  Age of Champions allows all of us, no matter our age, to see not just “young” seniors (65 and 75) but “older” seniors (85 and up) excel at their chosen game.  All of the participants shared an enviable vitality which was clearly the result of following their passion no matter the odds.  They are wonderful role models for us all.  Bravo!  Thank you for a truly inspiring film.

Martha Lake | Fremont Presbyterian Church

When I first saw the message on facebook for the film Age of Champions, there was an immediate connection for me and I ordered the DVD.

Watching this film, I was so inspired by these seasoned athletes who have such great stories to tell and a competitive spirit that is nothing short of contagious. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to bring the film to a larger audience when our congregation decided to launch a healthy lifestyle program the first part of the year.

Holding a screening of the film Age of Champions was a perfect way for us to launch our new program and having both the film's director and producer attend and hold a Q & A session certainly added value. Laughter, tears and applause were all emotions expressed by the audience and everyone in attendance agreed the film was very well-done and many were motivated to make lifestyle changes immediately.

There are so many health benefits to being both physically and socially active and both are on full display in the film Age of Champions  - one of our senior groups will be hosting a viewing party soon and over time we know this film will become a staple in our health ministry program outreach.

Thank you for your exceptional work and all of the good things Age of Champions inspires to bring to the health and well-being of our congregation for many years to come.

Kavita Marballi | YMCA

After viewing the film and its inspirational message - I thought it was something that should be shown to as many people as possible and inspire them to take control of their lifestyle.

We had more than 150 people attend our community screening and people are still talking about the movie! We now have ten or fifteen seniors practicing basketball and running and lifting weights because they were inspired to get active. It’s amazing!

Ellen Miller | Clairmont Oaks Retirement Community

We have been inspired to promote healthy aging with a campaign to encourage our residents to be more aware of their health and abilities. We had our initial screening and will repeat again.  Our response was very positive.  Staff is also joining in!

Richard Grimes | Assisted Living Federation of America

The athletes highlighted in Age of Champions demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship, tenacity, and focus that is admirable at any age. Those who believe that seniors are not up for a challenge will reevaluate the way they view older adults after seeing this film.

Carol Silver Elliott | Cedar Village

Age of Champions is a moving and inspiring film.  It is wonderful for older adults who are motivated by the stories.  It is a “must see” for those who work with older adults to remind them about the unlimited potential we all have.

We have actually screened this with our management team and it led us to plan a month of wellness activities with our residents.  February will be wellness month and it will begin with a showing of the film. We have a local man who is in his 80’s and still a serious runner, just recently gave up marathons.  He will intro the film.  Other events throughout the month include a mini “health fair,” a sports day, a lecture from a local ortho doctor on preventing injuries, chair tai chi and yoga and a cooking demonstration.

Thanks for the inspiration and the great film!

Erin Cornell | Rose Villa

We are on the cusp of creating a cohesive wellness program at Rose Villa.  We have many of the elements now, and we just need to tie it all together.  I anticipate that we will use this video as part of the kick-off of our official wellness program.

Denise Heimlich | Still Hopes Episcopal Community

We used the screening in order to deepen the understanding of our "Changing the Way We Age" campaign with our directors.  The idea of supporting aging adults as they continue to challenge themselves is so well demonstrated in the DVD. We used the amazing physical achievements of these adults as a metaphor for all the achievements that an older adult might strive for.  Our management team more fully understands the idea of our continuing care retirement community being an agent of support for achievement rather than merely taking care of failing adults. Thank you!

Ruth C. Weispfenning | Mayo Clinic

Age of Champions is inspirational, encouraging, and above all, great entertainment. In this film, you see older adults who refuse to be limited by their age (and in some cases their illnesses) and continue to have a competitive spirit and strive to win the competition. They continue to enjoy their life-long interests or even discover new interests.

The true value for staff is that they can see the abilities and possibilities rather than always the disabilities and liabilities of older adults.  They loved the spirit of these people and it opened their thinking to what older adults can do!

Carol Lacey | West Shores Senior Living

We saw the article in the ALFA newsletter and thought this would be a great way to motivate our residents and invite folks in the community to join in as well.  We have a monthly mini seminar called "Simply Put" where we host a professional on various topics that are health related for Seniors.  We want to get our residents up and moving and provide a service to the community as well.

Julie Tampa | Penick Village

One of our board members saw the film and brought it to our CEO, who brought it to the Marketing Department. We love the film and want to share it with out residents and others in the community. We plan to use it as a community-building and marketing event.

Joanna Jewett | The Centers at St. Camillus

Just had to drop you a quick line to tell you how much I enjoyed the film! I just watched it with our VP of Long-Range Planning and it was touching, funny, and most of all – inspirational!  I cannot wait to present this to our community. Thank you for brightening my day with this treasure of a film!

Barb Nuxoll | Stone Hearth Estates

We are planning to do our screening at our local theater and looking at having all businesses and agencies involved in wellness participate. The film motivates people to get up and move no matter their age!

Lee Ann Hubanks | Plano Community Homes

We did our screening yesterday as part of our company wide staff meeting. We are using it as a prelude to showing it to the residents on our four campuses. We also used it as a motivator for our staff and had some great discussion using the questions in the packet to get us started. Once they started talking they generated their own comments and questions. It was great dialogue. I would definitely recommend that other organizations show this both to their staff and their residents.

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