Age of Champions is the award-winning documentary following five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics. You’ll meet a 100 year-old tennis champion, 86 year-old pole vaulter, and rough-and-tumble basketball grandmothers as they triumph over the limitations of age.

The film premiered at AFI Docs film festival, will reach more than 3 million viewers on PBS, and will go into wide release on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon, and all major retail channels. In partnership with organizations including the AARP, Alzheimer’s Association, and National Institute on Aging, we will conduct more than 3,000 community events across the country.


"A profile of perseverance and discipline ... Age of Champions is infectiously inspiring!"

-Washington Post

"Funny and sweet and sure to poke a tear from even the most hard-hearted."

-Austin Chronicle

"Makes you feel you're never too old ... it's who I want to be when I grow up!"

-The Express

"Prepare yourself for a major dose of inspiration!"



Become an Age of Champions partner, participate in one of our exciting campaigns, and brand your company with the uplifting message of the film:


Branded Microsite

We will create a branded microsite ( with exclusive Age of Champions video, images, and written content that complements your brand. The microsite will remain live for the duration of the film’s distribution campaign. Recognition includes:

  • Company name, logo, and website link as the header (“Your Company Presents”)
  • Compelling advertorial content featuring your product, service, or brand
  • Integrating your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds into the microsite
  • Interactive component allowing viewers to submit their inspirational stories

We will drive traffic to the site through a paid Google Display Network, Outbrain, and PR campaign. For an example of a successful microsite, see Lincoln’s Hello, Again campaign featuring Beck.

Free Online Premiere

You have the option of hosting a “free online premiere” on your microsite where viewers can watch the entire film for free during a 10-day window and participate in a live Q+A with the filmmakers on closing night. It’s a great hook for generating national media coverage.

Custom Mini-Documentary

To complement your microsite, we will produce a mini-documentary that features your product, service, or brand and ties it in with the message of the film. You will also have the license to use the mini-documentary in any of your other campaigns.


National Theatrical Simulcast (20-25 cities)

We will host a free one-night simulcast of the film in 20-25 movie theaters around the country. Following the film, viewers can watch a live streaming discussion with the filmmakers, health experts, and a representative from your company. Recognition includes:

  • Company name and logo on all promotional materials (“Presented by Your Company”)
  • Video or mini-documentary about your company immediately before the film
  • Booth and demonstration space for your local staff at all events
  • Participation in the live simulcasted discussion after the film

We will drive viewership in each market through PR, paid advertising, and our extensive grassroots network of senior living communities, health providers, and fitness organizations.


We can also customize a campaign to fit your company’s specific needs. We have worked with major corporations, nonprofits, and industry associations to launch creative campaigns using Age of Champions content and our grassroots community. Examples include:

  • Targeting our grassroots network of 2,500 senior living communities
  • Targeting the community of 300,000 senior athletes
  • Launching a television PSA with Age of Champions content
  • Creating branded DVDs and Screening Kits for direct marketing and community events
  • Licensing Age of Champions video and photo content for advertising campaigns



We are the Documentary Foundation, a Northern California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to documentary production, education, and outreach. We have produced three films for PBS—Age of Champions, Roughing It, and Diamond in the Dunes—and been hailed by the New York Times for our “good eye for the unusual” and ability to capture “fascinating material.”

All contributions to the Documentary Foundation are 100% tax-deductible.


We've partnered with leading senior, health, and fitness organizations to spread the message of lifelong vitality: