Age of Champions is taking the nation by storm! The film has been shown in more than 300 cities and gotten rave reviews from the Washington Post, Austin Chronicle, NPR, the PBS NewsHour, and dozens of other publications. Here's how you can help spread the word:


The Express
Kristen Page-Kirby

Makes you feel that, no, you’re not too tired to go for a run ... it's who I want to be when I grow up!

Washington City Paper
Matt Siblo

"Age of Champions" respects its subjects’ passions and dedication ... the film induces an automatic sense of goodwill.

San Antonio Express-News
Vincent Davis

You're going to walk away inspired ... This film lets the world know we have champions living amongst us!

Huffington Post
Caroline Cicero

Fun, inspiring, and instructive ... "Age of Champions" ask all of us to consider what motivates us.

Washington Post
Anne Hornaday

As a profile of perseverance and discipline, “Age of Champions” is infectiously inspiring!

Austin Chronicle
Kimberly Jones

Infinitely inspirational ... funny and sweet and sure to poke a tear from even the most hard-hearted!